Minute for Mission

  Magazines — So Ordinary, So Valuable 

Sometimes we visit in person. Other times, we offer support in other ways. Consider this story about the effect magazines can have in a prison. 

“Certainly,” said the program coordinator at the Edmonton Institution for Women. “We can use colourful pages for crafts, but more

importantly, the women’s magazines you are offering have stories and articles about homes and families, cooking and decorating, child care, and caring for oneself. We’ll leave them out in the common room for browsing.” 

The United Church in St. Albert, Alberta, had had a magazine

exchange—but what to do with the leftovers? People always brought more than they took away. Who could use several boxes of mostly women’s magazines? The answer came from that one phone call. 

From the outside, the women’s prison looks like a neighbourhood of

cottages surrounded by a fence. Staff must check magazines and books thoroughly when they come in from outside, but a welcome

audience awaits once they are cleared. 

Inside, the various magazines have avid readers. Some women extend

their interest to novels and nonfiction. The prisoners appreciate the

donated material and are pleased that someone “out there” cares

enough to gather and bring these items to the prison. They know that

it is part of the mission and service work of the church. 


Every gift to the church’s mission and service is used wisely and helps transform lives. Please continue to give generously.


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